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Gratipay is an open cooperative rooted in the open-source cultural tradition. We subscribe to the values of both cooperatives and open organizations, and extend these with our own unique value system called the Ladder of Love. Together, these three sets of values articulate our collective self-identity, and act as a guide when as an open cooperative we hash out identity-formative decisions.

Cooperative Values & Principles

from the International Co-operative Alliance

Cooperatives are based on the values of:

The cooperative principles are guidelines by which cooperatives put their values into practice:

  1. voluntary and open membership,
  2. democratic member control,
  3. member economic participation,
  4. autonomy and independence,
  5. education, training and information,
  6. cooperation among cooperatives, and
  7. concern for community.

Open Organization Values

from the Open Organization Definition

As an open organization, we value:

The Ladder of Love

We value safety, consent, transparency, openness, and love. We see each as dependent on the prior value to form a “ladder of love”:


We see gratitude and generosity, referenced in our mission, as characteristics of an economy in which we are freely serving one another.


We like to locate our identity in what we're for, not what we're against. That said, every thesis entails its antithesis. For us, the opposite of what we're about is combativeness, divisiveness, intimidation, outrage, insincerity, and the like. We like working together with other people who like working together! :-)

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