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This is Gratipay's internal company portal. First time here? Welcome! Start at the top. :-)

Run Payday

Here's how to run payday. Gratipay Bot should start a new payday ticket each Thursday morning. After each step, record the result on Gratipay Bot's ticket.

  1. Review accounts.
  2. Take a backup using bin/ Load the backup locally and make sure the homepage matches the production homepage.
  3. Check Gratipay Bot's ticket to get the payday number, NNN, from the title.
  4. On latest master: ./ NNN for_real_please. Answer yes at the prompts. It wants to log into a ../logs/payday/ directory.
  5. Ctrl-C if you want to stop tailing the logfile (the script uses disown to detach itself from the controlling terminal—if you want to kill the script you have to scramble to ps and then kill it 😕 ).
  6. Wait a minute or two.
  7. If fails, fix it, documenting everything on Gratipay Bot's ticket.
  8. Run MassPay.
  9. Shuffle escrow.
  10. Commit the logs from payday and masspay to git and push them up to the logs repo.
  11. Review the card decline rate in the Braintree dashboard. If it's 15% or greater, find a reason and report it to riskteam at getbraintree com.
  12. Review and edit these documents.
  13. Close Gratipay Bot's ticket.
  14. If it's the last payday of the month, update the rotation in the ticket description: copy/paste the current airplane row to the bottom of the table, then move the airplane back up!


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