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Shuffle Escrow

We hold escrow in two accounts:

  1. New Alliance (payins)—Money enters our escrow via credit card charges on Braintree, which settle to an account at New Alliance Federal Credit Union in Ambridge.

  2. PayPal (payouts)—We keep a standing balance in PayPal, because it takes 3-5 days to add funds, and we need to be able to run MassPay immediately after payins on Thursdays.

After running MassPay, “Add money” to PayPal from New Alliance, whatever is needed to bring our PayPal balance up to 5x this week's MassPay. The 5x number is based on historical spikes in new withdrawals. We'll have to revise if/when we start growing again.

Here's a markdown template to use on the payday ticket:

#### Escrow Shuffle

|         | $        |
| MassPay | 0.00 |
| 5x      | 0.00 |
| Balance | 0.00 |
| Added   | 0.00 |
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