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This is Gratipay's internal company portal. First time here? Welcome! Start at the top. :-)

Support Users

We use Freshdesk for managing support queries. We use a simple workflow with two states: open and closed.

Support Workflow

  1. View all open tickets. (Tip: Periodically check that you haven't switched to "New & My Open Tickets" instead.)
  2. Pick any low-hanging fruit: "Mark spam," "Merge" anything you can merge, "Close" anything that can be immediately resolved.
  3. If you spot a ticket you can help with, then start working on it. Freshdesk supposedly shows when two agents are working on the same ticket, so keep an eye out for that but don't worry too much about clobbering someone else.
  4. Make liberal use of "Private Notes" to document your work for the rest of us. Err on the side of over-documentation.
  5. If the Freshdesk ticket is blocking on a GitHub ticket (i.e., a bug fix or new feature), and the GitHub ticket is going to take a while, then link the Freshdesk ticket in the description of the GitHub ticket under a "To Notify" heading and notify the user.
  6. "Close" the ticket when you've replied. If/when the user responds, it will be reopened automatically. If/when we address an underlying ticket in GitHub, we can pick up the Freshdesk ticket again.
  7. To escalate an issue, tag it L2. Every ticket should either be closed or escalated.
  8. Periodically dredge the spam queue for false positives.

Protecting User Privacy

  1. Before answering questions or performing actions related to an account, verify the user's identity by asking for, "the first eight digits of the API key on your Gratipay settings page." We generally don't trust even verified email addresses as identity confirmation (because of the risk of spoofing).
  2. Never share personally identifying information about a user on GitHub or anywhere else without their explicit consent.
  3. Copying anonymized, generic comments into a public GitHub ticket is okay, and so is a simple "+1" with a link to Freshdesk.

Tips for Providing Great Support

  1. Respond quickly! Even if that response says you need to spend more time, this really makes people feel appreciated.
  2. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Private notes are great for this.
  3. Collaborators with access to the database or financial systems have a lot on their plate. Help them out by getting basic details first (identity verifications, amounts, etc), and then pass them on.
  4. Use about/me/* URLs wherever you can. Providing users with a link to their settings page is better than asking them to find it on their own. This works for history pages and profiles too.
  5. Do not include the Freshdesk URL in tickets. It's not immediately useful to users, and is only likely to confuse them.
  6. Update this page on GitHub! You can make Gratipay support even better!
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